The 5th Annual Water Quality Conference open for registration


The Vermont Environmental Consortium and Vermont Technical College (VTC) are excited to announce registration is open for the 5th Annual Water Quality Conference. The conference will be held June 8, 2016 at VT Technical College in Randolph, VT. Vermont faces numerous water quality challenges attributable to human activity. Wastewater management, storm water runoff from impervious surface associated with roads, homes and businesses, drainage from farm fields and logging roads, and historic hydrologic modification of our streams and rivers all impact current surface water conditions. Act 64, Vermont’s 2015 Clean Water Act, validated that healthy waters are essential to our economy, health, property values, recreation, fisheries and wildlife, and the Vermont brand.

The 5th annual Water Quality Conference will highlight the tremendous opportunity for innovation in water quality management by showcasing a wide-range of efforts currently underway in Vermont to protect, restore and enhance clean water. The day’s events will include four panels; related exhibitors; keynote speaker; and more!
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