VEC Leads Vermont’s Green Economy

VEC’s vision is to be the go-to organization for the environmental business sector in Vermont. VEC’s mission is to promote growth and support economic development in Vermont’s environmental business sector.

We carry out our mission by:Vermont

  • Advocating for and promoting Vermont’s environmental business sector;
  • Forging links among business, government, non-profits and higher education to grow the green economy by promoting research, education, training, and job creation;
  • Networking VEC members, with potential clients, resources, and support services through conferences, workshops, referrals, and other venues; and
  • Planning and initiating projects in partnership with, and for the benefit of, our members.

By accomplishing the above, VEC is a leader in Vermont’s Green Economy.

The VEC Board of Directors governs, and provides experience, resources and contacts that make VEC a leader in Vermont’s Green Economy.