The State of Vermont’s Water Presentations from June 6, 2018 at Vermont Tech

Thank you to our presenters!

o Update on Procedure for Class IV Groundwater Reclassification– Miles Waite and Geoff Hand, Dunkiel Saunders
o Groundwater Protection, Management and Coordination – the Groundwater Protection Rule & Groundwater Management Plan-Scott Stewart, VT DEC

o Best Management Practice Changes at a Dairy Farm in Hardwick in Response to Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater: Patti Casey – Groundwater Protection Coordinator, Vermont Agency of Agriculture; Cary Giguere- Agrichemical Program Manager, Vermont Agency of Agriculture; Jonathan Kim- Geologist, Vermont Geological Survey (VGS);
o Chloride trends from a long-term monitoring study in an urban chloride-impaired waterway, Chittenden County, VT-Andres Torrizo, Watershed Consulting

o PFAS Testing Results at Selected Landfills and Waste Water Treatment Facilities and Overview of State-wide Background Study -John Smeltzer, VT DEC
o Harnessing College Curriculum to Characterize a PFOA Contaminant Plume: Process and Results– Tim Shroeder, Bennington College

o Evaluating the Impacts of Subsurface Agricultural Tile Drainage Systems to Water Quality in Vermont-Dave Braun, Stone Environmental
o Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL –Northern Lake Implementation Status-Amy Macrellis, Stone Environmental; Kent Henderson, Friends of Northern Lake Champlain; Emily Porter-Goff, Franklin Watershed Committee

o Storm water Rule Update -Padraic Monks, VT DEC
o Agricultural Water Quality Practices-Jonathan Ashley & Andy Hoak, Dubois & King
o Green Streets, Great Streets: Integrating Water Quality into the Urban Landscape-Jenna Olson, City of Burlington DPW – Water Resources Division