VEC Postpones Fall Conference!

Designing a Closed Loop Community Postponed until Spring 2015
“Over-conferenced” this fall? Having a hard time deciding which conferences to attend?  Well, the VEC/ VTC partnership that planned to bring you the conference on “Designing a Closed Loop Community” this November 13 has decided to help you with that decision by postponing that conference until the spring and integrating it with VEC’s “4th Annual Water Quality Conference”. We are doing this because it has become clear to us that (1) anaerobic digestion and composting are important technologies that recycle carbon and other critical nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous that have such an impact on water quality; (2) the organics landfill ban of 2013 (Act 148) makes it critical for Vermont to increase implementation of these technologies along with broader application of nutrient management planning; (3) failure to manage the nutrients ‘liberated’ by the landfill organics ban could amplify Vermont’s water quality challenges; and, (4) EPA has given the State additional time to respond to its expectations about TMDL in Lake Champlain which brings that discussion, too, forward to this Spring.  Stay tuned for date and more details to come shortly.

VEC named in the Vermont 2020 CEDS

In June, 2014, Vermont became one of the few states in the nation to complete a statewide comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS). The Vermont 2020 CEDS was completed with immense help and input from stakeholders around the state and with the generous guidance and funding from the U.S. Economic Development Authority. It was approved by Governor Shumlin and accepted by the EDA in July 2014.
Designed to help Vermont build become more resilient in the face of economic and natural challenges, Vermont 2020 is a strategic document that lays out goals we hope to achieve over the next few years and some initial projects and initiatives that will help us achieve them.
As mentioned in the report, “The Vermont Environmental Consortium has been working for the past several years to identify and work with green businesses to build on the strengths of the cluster.”